Recipe – Part 2

As shared in my previous article, the recipe for Wholehearted Living involves three ingredients.  The first is your relationship with yourself.  Learning to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, is the foundation for the following ingredients.  If we were making a deep-dish pizza, your relationship with yourself would be the crust.

The second ingredient is your relationship with stuff.  In working with this ingredient, you will first need to take an inventory; take a good look at your beliefs and actions, as they relate to your relationship with:  food, your body, possessions, money and success.

Take a hold of each item and check the expiration date.  Determine what is no longer helping or adding value to your life, and then get rid of it.  Consider what items need some work in order to become useful again.  Also, identify what items you need or want to bring into your life.

For example, how do you take care of your body?  Do you provide enough water for your body to remain hydrated and function as it was designed to (6 to 8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day)?  What kind of fuel do you provide on a regular basis? Do you live on high fat foods laden with processed sugar and other toxins?  Do you run yourself ragged without ever getting adequate rest?  We take care of the things we consider valuable.  How valuable are you and your body, based upon your words and actions?

When it comes to your possessions, do you own your possessions, or do your possessions own you?  How much time, energy and money do you spend on maintaining your possessions?  Could it be time to get rid of some of your “toys” so they can reduce your stress and in turn, be a blessing to some one else?

What about your relationship with money?  Are you beliefs about money based on Biblical truth, or are you still operating with some twisted beliefs from your past?  Are those causing clutter and preventing you from the financial success you really want?

Regardless of the ingredient you are working with, it is crucial to keep decluttering.

Look for part 3 of the “Wholehearted Living Recipe” in my next blog.  Until then, happy decluttering!

– Alicia


Recipe – Part 1

girl looking in mirror

As stated in my previous article, living wholeheartedly means to love yourself, God and others with all your heart. Most of us have erroneous beliefs and unhealthy behaviors that prevent us from wholehearted living. However, there is a secret family recipe (for living wholeheartedly) that I would like to share with you.

Whether or not you’re aware of it, you already have the ingredients on hand. The first ingredient in the Wholehearted Living recipe is your relationship with yourself. You can have a healthy, vibrant relationship with yourself, or one that is harsh and damaging. Every day, whether you’re aware of it or not, you are actively choosing one or the other.

For example, what do you routinely think when you look at yourself in a mirror?  That you are beautiful and amazing? Probably not. Unfortunately, most of us are our own biggest critic; we’re our own worst enemy. Have you ever stopped to consider just how hard you are on yourself? Do you treat yourself like a friend, or perhaps, do you love your neighbor instead of yourself?

The first step in working with this ingredient, is to disengage from your inner critic. The average woman has over 31,000 self thoughts per day, and 75% of those thoughts are negative and self-defeating.  No wonder we’re worn out, sick and disillusioned! We simply must learn to pay attention to our self talk; we must deliberately say things to ourselves that are truthful, kind and supportive.

The second step, is to let go of guilt and shame (which is closely connected to your inner critic).  We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of, but only as you process your past and learn to let go of guilt and shame, can you be free to live wholeheartedly.  As Scripture says, there is no condemnation for those who are followers of Jesus. So are you ready to put that two-by-four down and quit mentally beating yourself up?

Although these first two steps are fairly simply, that doesn’t mean they are easy to master. We’ve all had a lot of practice being harsh with ourselves.  Therefore, this will take some effort.  A friend of mine says it best, “Massive repetition is the mother of mastery and skill; dabbling, is the mother of bozohood.”  It’s true.  If you are serious about living wholeheartedly, you must become intentional about decluttering your relationship with yourself.  Start practicing today.  Look yourself in the mirror and say “goodbye” to any critical thoughts about how you look, who you are and what you do.  Then, watch the good “fruit” that is produced in all your relationships.

(Look for the 2nd part of this 3-part recipe soon.)